Registration of your assets

Guaranteeing a good asset-registration asks for discipline and user-friendly systems. Spatial Insight supplies several clients with solutions that do just that: offer optimal user-friendliness for problems in data registration. In this area we regularly work together with the software suppliers Spatial Eye and Realworld Software Products. The basis-configuration of their products offers a stable environment for registration of assets and events. Together with them we form an ideal basis for qualitative high-grade asset-registration.

spatial insight - registratie resultaten onderhoud

Registration of maintenance results

We have developed a solution to record the inspection results of cathodic protection installations for water utility company Oasen. Mechanics can refer to the output straight after a measurement. Data are stored in a database and can be read out in analyses or via a dashboard.

At present this solution for Oasen Drinkwater is in the process of further development. It will also be possible to registrate the results of the inspection of maintenance of measurement equipment.

spatial insight polygonentool

Supply area registration

Knowing one’s exact supply area is important when new customers have to be assigned to the right utility company. Starting administrative processes at the wrong company used to cost a lot of money annually in the Netherlands.

The supply area tool is an online GIS-environment hosted by Spatial Insight in which utility companies can jointly registrate the exact borders of their supply area. The results will be used within the applications of Stichting Mijn Aansluiting to allocate new customers to the right utility company. Also the results are available as open data.

Water Office

The basis for each utilities asset management system is their system of registration. It registers the location and properties of each asset in their network and helps the asset owner to keep track of events such as leaks.

Water Office is a software product of our partner Realworld Software Products – a “system of registration”. It is used for recording asset data. Water Office offers a complete suite with which assets can be registered and managed according to a standardized data model. One of their core qualities is making sure data-quality and data-integrity are kept at the highest possible level.

spatial insight 3d modellen

BIM 3d Evides

We expect that deploying 3D technology will give us an early view on bottlenecks within a project, to be able to work together better and ultimately to be able to work more efficiently. At Evides (water utility company) we cooperate in vision forming and pilots around the network of the future. With BIM3D we explore the possibilities of the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for water utility companies. In this case the position of the underground network was measured by using ground penetrating radar. The resulting dataset has been transformed into a BIM model.