Analyses of isolated data-sources are time consuming, hard to repeat and often give limited insight. This is caused by the fact that most datasets have not been collected with the purpose to analyse them. Relations between the different data sources usually miss and the quality is often  insufficient. Spatial Insight can help to solve this problem. By storing and updating the data according to a standard model, analysing it will be easier. We help organizing this process and stimulate a national standard for asset-information.

Standard data model

The advantages of a standard data model: saving on development costs of analyses and being able to compare results with fellow companies. Spatial Insight is working on a standard data model for asset management in cooperation with several water utility companies.

If this standard is used by all companies, analyses will be executed more simply and processes will be optimized more effectively.

Techniek Nederland

By order of Techniek Nederland Spatial Insight has created a so called  GIS-platform. This digital platform visualizes relevant information about energy transitions for building constructors. Data from the national basis registrations are combined with other relevant information, such as cables and mains of utility companies.

spatial insight - spatial warehouse

Spatial warehouse

In order to be able to support data-driven asset management we think asset data should be structured in a data warehouse. We have proved this recently at WML where we implemented a spatial warehouse using the software of our partner Spatial Eye. Spatial Warehouse is strong in standardizing ETL processes. An end user has access to the most actual data-set at every required moment. Spatial Insight can offer help with organizing, updating and managing the environment.