Adequate asset management

When executed right analyses show how the state of assets fits the business aims of the asset owner. Spatial Insight supports this goal by providing insight in the cost, performance and risks (CPR) of assets. It is possible to determine which activities are needed to make sure that the required balance between CPR stays intact.

spatial insight - transparantnl voor optimaal leidingonderhoud


In cooperation with PWN and WML the model TransparantNL has been developed. In plain words: the best moment to replace each main section in the network is calculated. Taken into account are the remaining technical lifespan and many other factors. These give a value to the risk that a main section will leak and the effect of that leak on its surroundings. Besides PWN and WML this method is currently in use at the water utility companies WbGr and WMD and is being tested by the waterboard HHNK to prove its use in drainage.



The model SOMASEO is used to determine the priority of replacement of each main section in the network of water utility Oasen. The model has been built in close cooperation with the asset engineers of Oasen and has already supported the choice for the right moment of replacement of main sections for years.


Comsima is a model that calculates tension in main sections. If the calculation for a pipe surpasses a certain critical value, this pipe is expected to collapse in the near future. Comsima has been developed by research institute KWR in cooperation with the Dutch water utility companies. Spatial Insight helps these parties with standardizing the calculation and so making it usable for different organisations.

Comparison InSAR

InSar is a technique that makes use of satellite radar images. The data from sequential images is processed in such a way that it is possible to determine whether the ground moves (rises or subsides). The resulting dataset is an input for Comsima and can be based on different kind of source images.

Spatial Insight, together with the company Sensar and commissioned by the larger part of the Dutch water utility companies, executed a comparison between different sets of source data to determine in this way which data source offers the best results for different uses.


SynergieNL is a platform that enables users to exchange data concerning projects in the public space. The combined dataset is used to identify chances for cooperation and register the agreed approach. This will create a better cooperation by which costs are reduced and inconvenience for the surrounding area is decreased. Spatial Insight manages the platform and develops the product with new functionalities.