Our goal

Bring data driven asset management for utilities to a higher level

It all starts with high quality data. This is the foundation that we build upon to get valuable insights. Data quality has to be guaranteed during the lifecycle of your assets in the process of registration of asset data and events. We think it is important to store a company’s data standardised, in a single location. When this is done right the basis is there to get the desired insights and to be capable of executing asset management in a data driven manner.

All our projects contribute to this purpose and help our customers to get more value from their data.


Guaranteeing a good asset-registration asks for discipline and user-friendly systems. Spatial Insight supplies several clients with solutions that do just that: offer optimal user-friendliness for problems in data registration. In this area we regularly work together with the software suppliers Spatial Eye and Realworld Software Products. The basis-configuration of their products offers a stable environment for registration of assets and events. Together with them we form an ideal basis for qualitative high-grade asset-registration.

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Analyses of isolated data-sources are time consuming, hard to repeat and often give limited insight. This is caused by the fact that most datasets have not been collected with the purpose to analyse them. Relations between the different data sources usually miss and the quality is often  insufficient. Spatial Insight can help to solve this problem. By storing and updating the data according to a standard model, analysing it will be easier. We help organizing this process and stimulate a national standard for asset-information.

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Adequate asset management

When executed right analyses show how the state of assets fits the business aims of the asset owner. Spatial Insight supports this goal by providing insight in the cost, performance and risks (CPR) of assets. It is possible to determine which activities are needed to make sure that the required balance between CPR stays intact.

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