Energy transition information portal for contractors

Client: Techniek Nederland
Country: The Netherlands
Period: 2021


The transition from fossil towards renewable energy supply, requires incredible efforts of all societal stakeholders: legislators, energy companies, citizens, contractors, asset owners, etc. For contractors it is often difficult to keep track of the current state of affairs in their field of operation. Which buildings or households have poor energy consumption performance? Where are industries, schools or houses? Which energy labels (certificates) do they have? Over 5000 Dutch contractors are united in the ‘Techniek Nederland’ association and for her members Techniek Nederland has requested Spatial Insight to create a GIS-platform that gives contractors insight in the rapidly changing field of operation due to energy transition. The platform enables the companies to make better motivated choices in the operation of their business.

Approach and solution

In close collaboration with Techniek Nederland, source data like the Dutch ‘basis registration’, are combined with other relevant information, such as statistical data, building characteristics and locations where subsidies for renewable energy have been granted. Spatial Eye’s Spatial Workshop is used to integrate the data and to define a viewer on the data that allows end-users, the Dutch contractors, to assess the local status of the energy transition in Dutch cities and villages. To find the optimal balance between maintenance and level of accuracy it was decided to refresh the data once per quarter ‘manually’.

Contribution to the organisation’s strategy

As an entrepreneur’s association Techniek Nederland is keen to serve her members with tools that help them to be successful in their business. This tool is a clear example of a very useful and easy to use tool to generate leads to new projects. At the same time, as a societal stakeholder Techniek Nederland contributes valuably to the energy transition.

Customer review

Thomas Piessens, Program manager Techniek Nederland: “Working with Spatial Insight can be described as professional, flexible and overall pleasant. The policies concerning climate change are evolving rapidly. When developing a GIS application that visualises just those policies it’s often difficult to give a detailed design description. Spatial Insight understands and reacts upon these circumstances. Due to their flexible nature over the past years, we have been able to develop a collaboration where we were able to implement new functions and datasets quickly. Spatial Insight does not only understand data, data-management en visualisation but by working for a wide range of clients they know what information is relevant.”

More information

Marc Felten (marc.felten [@]

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“Working with Spatial Insight can be described as professional, flexible and overall pleasant."