Sensitivity analysis

spatial_insight_gevoeligheidsanalyseWhen a replacement model is applied by Spatial Insight, there will be several factors within that model that influence the formulae and by that the results. The separate elements of the model can be analysed by executing a sensitivity analysis. Spatial Insight has executed a sensitivity analysis for two of our clients.

In a histogram the impact of already determined factors on the utilized replacement model can be visualized. Questions such as : “What does our model consist of?”, “What does it take into account?” and “How important is each separate factor in the whole of the model?” have been chartered.

The elements are weighed against each other with these insights. Which factors are most important within the model? Then we can zoom in on this. It will even be possible to draw a conclusion on the degree in which the model fits. The sensitivity analysis gives insight in places which require more fundamental research or where prudence in drawing conclusions from the results of the model is called for.

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