Research & Development

Algorithms and queries form the basis for the in-house developed software that Spatial Insight provides and the consultancy projects we carry out. We combine our knowledge and expertise of data science, asset management and spatial data to arrive at formulas and calculation steps that enable our clients to transform large amounts of data into useful information.
We are able to translate scientific models, such as those made by research institute KWR, for example, into practically useful calculations.
All developments take place in the Netherlands and are carried out systematically using roadmaps and a structured DevOps way of working. We spend about half of our direct or indirect time developing and improving our algorithms, queries and software.

Data preparation

Calculations cannot be done without data. All water companies have data on their pipes, valves and leaks. But at the same time, few water companies have complete, correct and up-to-date data sets. Data preparation is therefore an important prerequisite for our services. Automating data preparation has great advantages. It can lead to huge time savings and higher data quality than is achievable with manual data preparation. Spatial Insight’s data experts are constantly working on developing smarter and faster ways to enhance, combine and prepare large sets of spatial data for calculations.

Optimization and prioritization

A human brain is unable to optimally and responsibly manage a drinking water network thousands of kilometres long. The number of degrees of freedom is too great and it is difficult to be objective. Spatial Insight develops procedures and techniques to do this objectively and quickly, keeping people in charge and guiding corporate objectives. We develop not only analyses but also tools to compare investment scenarios in order to spend money paid by citizens as effectively as possible.

Automating work processes

Most professional software is used to perform operations faster or better than a human can do. At Spatial Insight, we develop software and platforms to support and empower more and more stakeholders in managing underground infrastructure. This is especially important in an ageing society where much expertise is disappearing from the labour market due to retirement.
Our innovative software captures more and more knowledge in code. With this software we facilitate the experts of our clients: the asset manager, the asset engineer, the designer of drinking water networks, company managers and area managers who coordinate intended work with municipalities and energy network operators.