Process Mining

process mining spatial insightImplementing improvements is a continuous process in every organisation. Also in asset management. Spatial Insight explores the data of one large American telecom company in cooperation with Realworld Systems. For this software named Diagnostics is used.

The core elements of Diagnostics: mapping performance issues and bottlenecks by monitoring the use of software. Next adapt or solve these problems or unnecessary long processes in order to improve the efficiency.

Spatial Insight will analyse the dataset and research how procedures take place – how do people deal with the tasks they execute and how can this process be improved?

Questions like, which operations are often repeated, which steps are taken by the users and how can this process be optimized, are of the utmost priority. Are there bugs, bottlenecks or operations that take a lot of time that can be automated? These will all be chartered and where possible solved.

For instance: a task which takes 10 seconds and can be shortened to 4 seconds. This seems little, but if 300 people execute this operation tens of times a day, this will be a considerable saving.

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