Leakage analysis

spatial insight storingsanalyseSpatial Insight has executed extensive leak-analysis for several of our clients.

The purpose of these analysis is to give the utility company more insight in which groups of main sections have shown more leaks, within a determined period, than other groups.

Sections at risk

We hereby looked for explanations for the leakages by analysing a combination of data sources. This analysis has provided the utility company with more insight in the leakages and the reasons why they occurred. Moreover vulnerable groups have been chartered. By vulnerable groups is meant: the main sections with comparable characteristics that influence the total number of malfunctions most.

Process flow

This analysis functions by analysing the data of groups of mains and finding the common denominators. First of all data are grouped on the basis of characteristics, think of: period of construction, type of soil, material of the pipes etc. Subsequently generic conclusions can be drawn concerning the composition of variables. An example: ”type of soil X in combination with material Y put down in period Z has a [risk level] to result in malfunction”.

Future decisions

By using a leak analysis,  decisions can be carefully made with regard to choice of materials in the future and possible adaptations in the replacement model.

A replacement model is of great importance for the strategy of a utility company. Decisions concerning investments and the pipes that will have to be replaced are for an important part based on the outcome of the replacement model.

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