Pleased to introduce ourselves

Spatial Insight is an independent Dutch data science consultancy that applies proprietary algorithms and software. We believe that the capital intensive management of underground pressurised infrastructure deserves accountable and optimal decision making. With our unique approach and software products we have built up a strong track record in the Netherlands of pipe replacement schemes that

  • Save CAPEX and/or OPEX
  • Reduce leakages and non-revenue water
  • Contribute to strategic asset management goals

We deliver our consultancy and products directly in the Netherlands, and international through trusted local consultants.

Pipe rehabilitation and replacement decision making will be truly effective when it’s part of a companywide asset management approach. We have embraced the anatomy that was described by Institute of Asset Management that aligns with the ISO 55001 standards.

Since both GIS, data science and asset management are in our DNA, we deliver our approach by running pipe replacement models on your existing data sets. The results of our calculations yield to an annual project portfolio that supports your organisation’s strategy best. How best is defined? You tell us, or we support you in deriving ‘best’ from your strategic documents and staff.

Data security is crucial for our customers and for ourselves. We have implemented internal processes as described in the ISO 27001 standard for data security.

The obtained result: transparent and optimal control of the costs, performance and risks of your assets. We invite you to deep dive into data driven asset management in a kick-off, please contact Ignaz Worm.

Data registration

spatial insight - registratie resultaten onderhoud

Although Spatial Insight’s main added value is in calculating which pipes should be replaced to create maximum value, we do need sufficient, good quality data.

We love data registration and integration as much as modeling, so we support our clients by setting up or optimizing their data registration. Guaranteeing good asset-registration requires user-friendly systems and discipline.

Together with our partners, we form an ideal basis for high-quality and high-grade asset and event registration.

Data integration

Analysing isolated data-sources is time consuming, is hard to repeat and often gives limited insight. Most datasets have not been collected with the purpose to analyse and combine them with other data sources. Relations between the different data sources usually lacks and the quality is often insufficient.

Spatial Insight is developing tools and methods to enable data integration as efficiently and effectively as possible. For more information, please contact Arnoud Drevijn.


We have experienced that different Dutch utilities apply different pipe replacement models, each model focusing on a specific goal, or set up along specific assumptions. We have worked with models like TransparantNL, Somaseo, Comsima, and SI-Cluster. We have integrated the best of these models in SI-Rehab, our proprietary pipe replacement risk model.

Each of the models produces a list of ranked pipes, the ones to be replaced. We can run your own model or each of the mentioned models on your prepared data sources. Let’s discuss which model suits best to your organisation’s goals.

During the modelling projects we undertook for Dutch drinking water utilities, we became aware that every model has its specific optimums and limitations, intended or unintended. The combination of individual models allows to have more robust and more tailored results, and that’s how decision support software BestNet was conceived.

BestNet combines the calculations of your and other relevant pipe replacement models, followed by assessing the results with common sense (eg. to include a lower priority pipe in the project portfolio, if cost effective). When the combiner has been set up, the scenario builder is applied to compare the effect of different possible choices. Finally, using the project builder, we generate an annual project portfolio and leave your own staff running the models and BestNet themselves.