Cluster analysis enables 50% leakage reduction

For a Dutch client the application and further development of the cluster analysis shows very promising results. We calculated that replacement of just 5% of the pipes will reduce the number of leakages with 50%.

Knowing that this client manages circa 20.000 km of pipes and replaces circa 1% per year, within 5 years’ time this reduction can be realized. The total water saving is expected to be around 1 Mm3/year, representing a significant environmental impact (chemicals for softening, pH control and safety disinfection, energy for production and transport, and less drought because of reduced extraction), representing at least 250 k€/year.

The cluster analysis is a proprietary pipe rehabilitation model of Spatial Insight that enables the selection of the pipes with the highest priority to be replaced. Spatial Insight is a strong believer in data driven asset management, to enable transparent and accountable decision making and to reduce costs and risks and increase performance.