Joining forces with trusted parties

We’re very pleased to join forces with our trusted strategic partners. With these organisations we deliver services to multiple clients in different projects. By merging our complementary skills in integrated offerings we deliver true value to our clients. And, quite important, it’s great to work with people so trusted they could have been our colleagues.

Please meet Spatial Eye and StellaSpark!

Spatial Eye

Spatial Eye‘s Spatial workshop is a powerful infrastructure to build spatial data warehouses. For that reason we love to integrate the solutions of Spatial Eye in our Asset Data Integrator. As strategic partner our communication lines with the experts of Spatial Eye are really short, allowing to deliver robust and stable solutions to our clients.


The visions of StellaSpark and Spatial Insight nicely align. We both intend to optimise the infrastructure in our environment with a data driven approach. These optimisations can be financial as well as physical, and will always focus on appreciation of the citizens in our society.

StellaSpark has the skills and technology to harvest, uniform and disclose open data. We incorporate these data in our Asset Data Integrator datawarehouse to allow inclusion in the different model based products we offer. Great to work together Erwin!