Who are we?

Spatial Insight is an independent Dutch data science consultancy focusing on the management of underground assets. With 9 staff we serve both clients on our home market in The Netherlands as clients in Europe.

We believe that the capital-intensive management of underground assets, deserves objective decision making, rather than gut feeling or the opinion of an individual politician or staff member. Combined algorithms aligned with your organisation’s strategic goals, running on undisputed data are key to reach goals as quickly as possible in an accountable way. Goals like reducing leakages with a flat CAPEX budget, reducing customer minutes lost with a fixed percentage per year, or stopping the annual increase of the average age of underground assets.

Apart from this technical contribution to society we support the Just Diggit foundation with technical support, and the local foundations Bedrijf & Samenleving with several initiatives and Jinc with school lectures about technology for children of 11-12 years’ old.